I'm Josue Somarribas Barahona,

a passionate UX Designer & Developer based in Barcelona

I transform complex problems into seamless and user-friendly experiences.


Picasso’s Library

Native Android and iOS Design Concept

Are you a creative person who does a lot of research? Then this is the app for you. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Picasso’s Library a mobile app natively createsd for Android and iOs. With this app you will be able to seamessly collect and export assest from you PDF files or websites.

Come and join to the community of very productive designers.


Responsive Recipe App Design

This project is a design of a recipe app for multiple devices. To achieve this, some tests were conducted to ensure a better design was made for the user’s needs. For example: competitive, requirements and user psychology analysis, user interviews, user personas, user flow, and prototyping.

Susprise your friends and family with the best recipes prepared by you!



Music App made for Android

Feel music like never before. Moosic gets you is a Android app created for those boring "I don't know what music to listen" moments. With its advanced Mood feature, you will find the perfect music for every moment. Get unlimited acsess to the songs, artists and albums you love and share them with your friends and family.

Design created using the Atomic Design approach. Designed for using Google's Material Design System and Adobe XD.


Sevensoft's Website

Design and Development

#ChallengeAccepted In one month I designed and developed this website for Sevensoft. This started with interactive prototypes on Figma with multiple interactions until the stakeholders where happy with the MVP. Then, this company's website was developed using a headless implementation of WordPress and a React front end application.

Visit their website to see one of my designs implemented in a real life project!


Nice to meet you!

I am Josue Somarribas Barahona

I am a UX/UI Designer with Web Development skills, driven by a passion for creating amazing products. With four years of experience in web design and development, I bring versatility, responsibility, and proactivity to every project. Let's connect and explore new possibilities together.

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