A user-friendly design

Bitely is an app designed to be used on any device at any time. This is why the design process not only took into consideration the needs of the user, the requirements, and the user psychology analysis; but also it was intended to be a mobile-first approach. All considerations are combined together to make it ideal for small and not-so-small screens.

A modern design

The Bitely Recipe App has a modern yet simple look and feel - clean lines, simple fonts, and bright colors on the images. The idea of Bitely's design is to allow the user to focus on the content instead of the app's design.

There are many aspects when designing software. One of the major aspects keeping in mind is the app's style. Every task like picking the colors must be done thinking about the app's style and purpose.

The color palette for this moodboard is mostly White, Black, Red, and Pink. The white and black colors are presented on secondary elements. While are also Red and Pink colors are meant to highlight important elements on the user's workflow.